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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty(Nose job)

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose job)‘ is gaining popularity as an alternative to regular rhinoplasty in some selected cases.Being the most prominent facial feature, it’s clear that people want the perfect nose that will best complement their other facial features. And men and women considering nose surgery to repair or revise their nasal structure have agreed that the main concern holding them back was a ctually going under the knife, according to a recent research.

Regarded as a convenient and inexpensive substitute for certain types of nose surgery, injectable nose job procedures offer a beneficial alternative to surgical rhinoplastyNon-surgical rhinoplasty seeks to accomplish some of the same goals as traditional rhinoplasty: greater symmetry, a more even, attractive shape for the nose, and overall improved facial harmony. This procedure is one that is typically used to help create a more defined nasal bridge or slightly more prominent nasal tip for patients with a softer nose or a “flat” or “stubby” nose shape.Restlyane, or other similar dermal fillers (which are injected into the treatment area to recontour the nose) are certainly viable options. The procedure requires no general anesthesia or surgical downtime, and most patients can return to work immediately afterward.

A majority of rhinoplasty patients may find a surgical approach more appropriate for their unique situation, however, non-surgical rhinoplasty provides a non-invasive option for both men and women looking for rhinoplasty without the surgery.

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